The SDN has following programmes and platforms:

  1. Networking – this platform enables NGOs access to workshops, conferences, information and other networks working together toward common sustainable development goals. The Network is established in a “pay it forward” manner. Our networks provide valuable feedback regarding capacity needs. Network partners are asked to donate an amount of time and/or resources to other network affiliates in order to share experiences and build capacity in the broader SD sector. The SDN provides relevant workshops, training and mentoring programmes to assist in meeting these capacity needs.
  2. Research – this platform provides access to open source and purchasable research and information on sustainable development. Research studies completed include a UNDP funded baseline analysis of Cape Town’s infrastructure, a new book called “Sustaining Cape Town”, documentaries on best practices case studies in South Africa (see our Multimedia Page). Currently, the Hanns Seidel Foundation is funding a new book on renewable energy systems and technologies, to be used in training government officials around the country. For more information visit our Research & Case Studies link.
  3. Education and training - in South Africa, this programme provides accredited NQF levels 1-5 training in financial lifeskills (including how to write a business plan), local economic development, integrated development planning, housing consumer education, and more (see resources section). Accredited training programs are provided through Juta Learning, and workshops and non-accredited training programs based on organisational and community needs are also provided. These include fundraising (including how to write a successful funding proposal), social enterprise development, impact investing, montoring evaluation and reporting, financial management, managing staff and volunteers and more.

Completed Projects

South African Renewable Energy Guide and Training for Local Government: December 2011 – December 2015 (R1,033,300)
In recognising that local authorities are primary delivery agents for electricity service provision, the Hanns Seidel Foundation provided funding for the development of a South Africa Renewable Energy Guide for Local Government. This guide provides useful information of how politicians, city managers and government officials can facilitate the adoption of RE/EE systems and technologies at local level. This Book will be used to train government officials over the next 4 years. This book can be ordered Here

Read More on th Book:South African Renewable Energy Guide and Training for Local Government Read More on th Book:South African Renewable Energy Guide and Training for Local Government

Sustainability Advisor to Family Health International
We acted as sustainability advisors to Family Health International, an umbrella grants mechanism managing a $90 million USAID/PEPFAR grant in South Africa. We built capacity in PEPFAR funded NGO's, which included the development of sustainability strategies, NGO Policies, monitoring, evaluation and reporting systems and more.

Sustainable Communities Support Program: November 2009 – December 2011
This programme was a three year capacity building program in sustainable human settlement design and delivery for community members and officials in nine South African provinces. Phase 1 was a scoping phase and included a programme launch, workshops, interviews, surveys and site visits and Masters level executive courses. Phases 2-4 consisted of accredited training programmes delivered in communities and government officials across the country.

City of Cape Town Discussion Papers: April 2008 - end August, 2009
In partnership with Stellenbosch University, the SDN Director was contracted by the City of Cape Town to assist with re-defining sustainability for the CCT. Themes important to sustainable city planning and development were identified and included water and sanitation; energy; waste; transport; natural space and city growth; urban form; economic and industrial development; ecological footprint; sustainable architecture and building materials; social justice; sustainable housing; sustainable agriculture and food security; and city financial flows). These papers were published in a book called Sustaining Cape Town: Imagining a Liveable City. Stellenbosch: Sun Media. To order:

United Nations Development Program Projects: Nov. 2006 - Feb 2008
This was programme included three separate projects:

Biofuels: This project assessed the overall technical and economic benefits and risks associated with the production of biogas, bio-ethanol, and bio-diesel from the various resources of bio-waste generated in Cape Town and its immediate surroundings. The study identified projects that are clearly viable for immediate implementation, and provided an overview of the expected outcomes of such projects, within the CCT.

SURF: The Sustainable Urban Resources Forum (SURF) provided research, case studies, a database of goods, services, professionals, and a monitoring and evaluation tool for resource flows (water, sanitation, energy, waste and developments). SURF was the precursor to the sustainable development network site (

Integrated Analysis: This project analysed water, sanitation, energy and waste flows, financing, distribution and usage in and around the Cape Town Metro region offered Cape Town stakeholder groups a comprehensive overview of the current position of key “resource flows” (energy, wastes, and water) and how these interact with the local economy.

DANIDA Projects: July 2007 – November 2009
Following on the integrated analysis work done for the UNDP, DANIDA provided funding to interrogate data which came from the UNDP project, and to build a systems dynamic model which explored key resource flows (energy, water, waste, sanitation) and examined how these flows affected the local economy, natural and social systems.

Cordaid / UCAL Berkeley Funded Projects: October 2006 – Dec 2009
Energy Efficiency Office within the Cape Town Partnership (CTP) and Sustainable Neighbourhood Design in Philippi.

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