Welcome to the Sustainable Development Network (SDN). The SDN provides a space for NGOs, government, and professionals to network and access information and research in sustainable development, health, welfare and in the education and training sectors. The SDN promotes projects and lifestyles that will ensure that our children and their children will be able to sustain themselves now and in the future.

Sustainable Development is the concept of using resources to meet the needs of humanity in the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. How can we live sustainably in our natural environment? How can we encourage economic growth without excessively and wastefully using up our natural resources? The Sustainable Development Network provides a platform of research, education, training and collaborative programmes which aim to teach and enable NGOs, government, the private sector and communities to plan, work and live more sustainably.

The SDN hosts the following programmes and platforms:

  1. Networking – enables NGOs access to workshops, conferences, information and other networks working together toward common sustainable development goals. The SDN provides relevant workshops, training and mentoring programmes to assist in meeting these capacity needs.
  2. Education and training - in South Africa, this programme provides accredited NQF levels 1-5 training in health, business development, fundraising and resource mobilisation, and more (see our Resources section).
  3. Research – this platform provides access to open source and purchasable research and information on sustainable development. This includes documentaries, research studies, books and more. For more information visit our Resources section.

New Manual - Resource Mobilisation & Proposal Writing

NGOs in South Africa play a vital role in delivering services to the poor. They assist orphans and vulnerable children to find hope and healing through psycho-social, financial and educational support. They build houses and provide water, sanitation and energy in poor rural and urban communities. They offer accredited training programmes that enable the unemployed to find work in difficult financial times. They collect data and conduct research which enables them to design and implement more effective programmes over time. They also use this data to lobby government and advocate for change. Without your support, these services might cease. Please Support Us by helping to support them!

Helen ZilleOrder our renewable energy book!
A South African Renewable Energy Guide for Local Government”, (Juta, 2012) was funded by the Hanns Seidel Foundation and was launched by Helen Zille in October 2012. This guide is begin used to train Government Officials through 2015. View promotional news clip on YouTube. The book can be ordered Here.


South African Renewable Energy Guide for Local Government
South Africa’s energy sector forms a critical part of the country’s economy, and relies heavily on its large coal deposits to generate energy and electricity for most of the country’s needs. Despite the post-apartheid government’s commitment to provide basic services for all, over 12 million people were still without electricity in South Africa in 2007. Though the government aims to achieve electricity for all by 2012, demand continues to surpass supply and grid distribution is continually threatened by a lack of generation capacity.

Opportunities for Change
In recognising that local authorities are primary delivery agents for electricity service provision, the Hanns Seidel Foundation has provided funding for the development of a South Africa Renewable Energy Guide for Local Government. This guide provides useful information of how politicians, city managers and government officials can facilitate the adoption of RE/EE systems and technologies at local level. Furthermore, this manual will be used to train officials around the country over the next 4 years. In 2015 a new addition of the manual will be published, citing lessons learned.


Sustainable Development Network South Africa NPC Number: K2011/122880/08

Sustainable Development Network USA Non-Profit (501c3) Number: 3388896

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